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I remember the first time I saw the jijjle website after weeks of working to achieve webus conectus. I was elated (I'm here!) and perplexed (Is this the portal to my work?)

When I started this project it seemed like a fairly simple task to merge art with a home page. So began my studies into backgrounds, images, and gifs. Not much success. Then I discovered absolute positioning and the z index.


Here's the background I painted for our jijjle gifs. It's not named as a background but set to a z index of 0. This allows you to hyperpaste (lol) linkgifs wherever you want. Text has proven a little harder for me to manipulate (spacialy) for me. This description is declared in the style box for it to display here. I still have a lot to learn. It takes some time to set up but you end up with an interesting result. Hope you like it. Thanks to the www3 people for having great tutorials and Paul McFedries for assuring me that even idiots can create a web page.

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