Whiskered Bluegill

HHE whiskered blugill

This impossible looking fish is at the top of its food chain, or is it? Look closely and you will see that it swims in the mouth of a much larger creature. The spiked fins will not save it when the jaws shut.

11x14 oil and pen on canvas. Great painting for a bathroom or den. $350.00 at your jijjle store

Two Fish

HHE two fish

Two Fish is very close to my heart. Representing the uroborus of celtic mythology that symbolizes the circle of life. The painting will eventually be used as an illustration in my book "Fairy Wars" in chapter 6, 'Birth'. The two fish are faries locked in spawning.

11x14 oil on canvas, very nice painting. collectable for $15,000 at jijjle

Three Fish

HHE three fish

Three Fish began as a single brush stroke on canvas that suggested the main image rising to the surface. That single stroke remained on the canvas quite a while until I saw a scene in a movie of a man swimming up to the mirrored surface of a river in a shaft of light.

Two huge fish rush to attack a fisherman who has netted one of their species.

20x20 oil on studio canvas. Thought provoking. $400.00 at the jijjle store


HHE crab

I had a great time painting this one. Originally titled 'Mans Impact on Ecology' it is an amusing comment on the things that are tossed beneath the waves. This is another good painting for the bath.

11x14 oil on canvas. One of a kind. $350.00 at jijjle

Bass Man

HHE bass man

I painted Bass Man after the first couple of jijjle works. It is finaly complete . You can 'see' the bass line that flows across the top of the painting ...Nice conversation piece.

11x14 oil on canvas. Completed work recently avalible at jijjle. $350.00

Red Man

HHE red man

I surprised myself with Red Man. While trying to reproduce a southwestern native american image; he appeared instead. It seems as if he has his own life, dancing out of the distance while the sound of his flute shimmers in the air.

11x14 oil on canvas. Watch him jijjle dance on your wall. $800.00 at jijjle.


HHE drummer

Here is another visual reprensation of sound. I am still adding paint to this one but I am begining to see how it is going to finish. Perhaps later Drummer and Redman can get together for a duet.

11x14 oil on canvas. This painting is not avalable yet.

Spear Man

HHE Fairy Arctic

Spear Man created itself.I was trying to continue my Red Man studies and fell into a whole series of similar opposing themes: Life/Survival, Hot/Cold, Birth/Death. If you cursor over the image on your screen you will see 'Fairy Arctic' used as a description. I can see that; can you?

I call this fish a Solar Sturgon. She hovers over the golden eggs of her brood using the heat from convered solar energy to incubate them. Unfortunately, The heat of her body melts the ice in the shallow waters above the nest and reveals her to the hunter

18x18 oil on gallery canvas. Very close to finishing this one. $5,000.00 at jijjle.


HHE firehead

"Sometimes I feel like my heads on fire." Ever felt like that? So many things in this world can make you think that your head is going to erupt in flames. This painting also has a fairy story behind the basic idea. I am going to make t-shirts for this one when it is finished. The cycle of my painting is sometimes infurating in its ponderous rotation: Paint/Dry/Dream/Paint

14x14 oil on gallery canvas. Unfinished but getting closer. check back again

Neon Bass

HHE neonbass

Here's another unusual inhabitant of my mysterious waters. A fat Neon Bass hunts minnows in the grass beds.

11x14 oil on canvas. $350.00 at your jijjle store

Yellow Man

HHE yellow man

Yellow Man dances out of the night playing a 'hot' melody on his flute.

11x14 oil on canvas. $500.00 at jijjle.

Blue Man

HHE Blue Man

Blue Man waters crops with dancing steps while the rain falls on the ripening corn. He looks as if caught in a snapshot at night. Recently begun (Not) getting close to the end on this one.

11x14 oil on canvas. under construction at jijjle.

Shelled crab

HHE Hermit Crab

Here's The most recent picture of new playmates coming to life for all our watery friends on this page. I am really enjoying this one, hope you do too.

11x14 oil on canvas. coming soon at jijjle.

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HHE Wet paint

Something new. This is a closeup ofthe center of a 14x14 canvas. Many posible finishes for this one.

Oil on canvas. Caution, wet paint at jijjle.

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