There is nothing like a love poem to tell the one closest to you how you feel.

Here is a collection of original verse that span from the call of the lost to the rapture of found love.

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Loves Knowing

Come love hear whispered words from my heart dear

Its secrets knowings to you are revealed

But I would speak closely into your ear

My innermost thoughts quietly unsealed

Gentle breath flutters sheltering hair see

The exquisite dainty recepticle

Eye glittering light of day beholds me

Wide smiling face open imeasurable

My heart skips a beat with yours on mine now

Oh! what grace is this beating within shine

The mirrored reflection of mine own vow.

Discovered among many at last mine

My seeds cast like a net into earth thrown

A garden sprouted and was at last known


A Kiss for Spring

Give me thy lips spring, kiss mine cold and old as I abed.

Warm me with your touch, hands heated, moving tongue thrust from mouth red.

Then lay me down in your bed of flowers, cover me heatedly with the love you shed.

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