Not so Lucid Ramblings


I am uploading this page today in hopes that all pages begin to have a uniform look. Technical difficulties continue to rear their ugly heads so I am forced to cut back on my dreaming and strive for cohesion. I still dream of something better.


Dreaming is not as productive as work but get more things done.

Ode to a Doughnut

Oh tender pastry round and sweet

Demolished rapidly under agile teeth

Washed down with fresh black coffee

You are da bomb

Your rotund goodness, glazed just right

Quickly disappears with every bite

Your siblings await their turn

It won't be long

Yeasty perfection, punctuated with a hole

Nutmegs taste inspires my soul

eyes return to the box with your passing

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Goodbye doughnut You'll survive the night

nearly gone now, couldn't eat one more bite

My sugar glazed gaze dips lower...farewell

Until the morrow............................toi

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